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Condenser Coils

The provided Condenser Coils are among the different coils, which are part of the customers heat pump and air conditioning systems. Another component is an evaporator coil that is placed inside the system while our coils are placed externally. These coils are where the thermal energy is expelled against the system. Following the gas refrigerant is heated as well as pressurized in the compressor, the gas or heat penetrates into our Condenser Coils. Here, two functions take place such as the gas refrigerant exchanges the thermal energy to the air flowing over it. Meanwhile, the refrigerant lowers its temperature and becomes liquid. The air over our coils will being to warm up and is carried out from the internal unit.

Hot Water Coils

Hot Water Coil is the heat exchangers manufactured, supplied and exported by Badrin Industries. It is utilized for heating air streams and suffices as the main part of the heating system. It is extensively demanded  in many commercial applications and must be quickly replaced in the occurrence of a fail. Hot Water Coil is applicable for comfort heating, booster heating, preheating, fluid process heat, reheating, waste heat reclamation etc. It has the rows of tubes through which it performs its main task. It shows excellent resistance against heating, rust, oxidation distortion etc. It features numerous tubes & fins and ensures accuracy in different industrial applications. 

Steam Coils

Steam Coils we offer are suited for boiler air preheating, pulp dryers, make-up air units, paper machine ventilator coils, space heaters, unit heaters, etc. These are utilized for heating air in the presence of steam. Offered coils utilize latent heat for their effective work process. Steam Coils are offered with many connection locations as well as housing options so as to run into all mounting configurations. Steam Coils find usages in variety of air tempering applications & heating applications such as duct heaters, process air preheat and others. Their designing is done with condensate management so as to enable for limited condensate retention. Basically, they are utilized to raise the temperature of liquids and make them simple to pump. 

Cooling Coils

Badrin Industries is dealing in optimum quality Cooling Coils, which are the devices, made to allow to cool the contents of the coil to, when they make a move through it. These are appropriate for materials processing and ensure effective control over the temperatures. Cooling Coils are apt for various heating & cooling systems. They have a simple cooling mechanism and have applicability with the industrial plants making use of hot gas turbine. Offered are located in the indoor part of the central A/C system and is made to cool the home & workplaces. These assist in circulating the cold substance and have been made to extract the heat. Main task they perform is to cool as well as dehumidify the stream of air.